Just over an hour's drive south of New Orleans, Venice is on the edge of the Mississippi River, but miles from anything else. There are many options for lodging right at the Venice Marina, where you can open the front door and your Captain and crew will have the boat loaded with everything you need for an awesome day on the water. There are also many options in Venice, as well as a hotel at the Cypress Cove Marina, only a five-minute boat ride away and where you can be picked up at no charge.

As a destination, Venice is an incredible place to go for an experienced angler or just an incredible first time fishing experience, with a great place to stay and an extremely fishy atmosphere.

A huge part of the amazing fishery is the waters off the coast of Louisiana are teaming with life due to the rich, nutrient-filled water dumping in from the mighty Mississippi River. Add in the many oil platforms that start just offshore and run hundreds of miles out. These platforms act as FAD's "fish aggregating devices," which attract thousands of bait fish. Where there is bountiful bait there are usually predators nearby. This combination makes the area one of the most productive fishing grounds to be found.

There are only a few places in the world where you can target yellowfin tuna year-round, stalk monster red fish on an amazing marshland that's teeming with life. Or fish on one of the thousands of rigs and reefs that dot the Gulf both near and far. Deep sea fishing that is blue water madness for many pelagic species, and you have a fishing experience like no other.