Offshore Fishing with Jimmy Nelson and Luiza!

Run Long
May 27, 2016
Venice Fishing Report – Spring
April 18, 2017

Knowing it had been an early bite and we didn’t want to miss it. We left the dock at 4:45 and headed out tiger pass. Stopped where we had been catching poggys and made a couple of semi-blind throws with the net. With a couple dozen baits in the tank, we headed south in hopes of running across schools of Threadfin to finish making bait. After hitting a couple schools of threadys we were headed to the rig. First boat on site and some decent marks but not much activity on the surface. We had high hopes of getting a popper bite first thing but it wasn’t looking good. Just as I was putting the second bait out it got hit 30 feet behind the boat. Small yellowfin, first undersize fish I have seen all summer. I get the bait back out and looking good, throw some freebies and nothing, good marks at 100′ so I put one down deep, Still nothin. Finally one of the outriggers goes off, then the other and no sooner than the rods were picked up and line peeling off from initial run, the bomb goes off. We are tripled up, with a little teamwork we kept the lines apart and put all three fish in the boat in short order. I’m glad we got there early, by the time we got some pictures and back in position 4 or 5 boats had showed up and it definitely didn’t help the bite. We ended up getting 5 Yellowfin and did some trolling and got one Wahoo. We had a lot of fun with Jimmy and Luiza and I’m sure they will be back!