Run Long

Venice LA, Spring Time Mixed Bag!
May 21, 2016
Offshore Fishing with Jimmy Nelson and Luiza!
July 7, 2016

In the last trip, we ran long, past the shelf rigs and green water to some floaters. We went ahead and threw the net a couple times for poggies just in case we can across some open water fish or a good rip. There is allot of dirty water covering most of the shelf although there are still some tuna being caught. We didn’t see anything too interesting on the 50 mile run out, be we did get to some real nice blue water but there was very little activity ie… Bait, birds, show on sounder. So we decided to give it a minute and troll some diving plugs while we tried to mark fish. As we came around for our second pass one rod goes off. Always nice to hear but we still had not marked much. After a 10 minute fight a 60lb yellowfin goes in the fish box. Put the plugs back out and keep looking/trolling for the next 10 minutes without any real good marks and, bam, rod goes off. Another nice yellowfin just a little bigger than the first. Hoping the trend would continue we put the baits back out. This time, both rods go off Blackfin tuna so we add them and a few more to the box and decided to run over to a nearby drill ship. By this time our live bait is looking pretty rough, as they do not live in blue water. Something to do with the salinity. We pulled up to the drill ship and were marking fish immediately so we put a couple of our best looking “rough” live baits and a couple live chummers. Nothing, the fish never came up. Reset still marking the fish so we put 2 more baits out and a couple freebies. That did the trick one rod goes off, a couple of the freebies get busted on the surface and then the second rod goes off. Doubled up and still marking fish we get 2 more baits out and start trying to keep the hooked fish apart. Right about as we see color on the first fish we get bit again. Tripled up but just as the first fish came to gaff the third one pulls the hook. It is what it is. Get both yellowfin in the boat and go to reset again, but our live bait is all but dead. There is some bait in the area but we decide to make a chum drift first and see if we can get bit. Yesser we did, picking up one fish on each of the next three drifts. By now it was about time to make the run back so we made one more drift and headed in. Definitely a successful day with 7 yellowfin tuna up to about 80lbs along with as many blackfin. We had to work for them and keep changing tactics but it all worked out.