Why Venice Is The Best Place To Go Offshore Fishing For Tuna

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April 18, 2017
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May 7, 2017

Offshore Tuna Fishing Venice Louisiana

As one of the most prolific fisheries available around the globe, the Louisiana Gulf Coast offers some of the largest and most plentiful catches in the world. Offshore deep-sea fishing in Venice Louisiana is much different than other popular destinations for fishing charter boats including Costa Rica, the Bahamas and Hawaii.

Catching yellowfin tuna off the Louisiana coastline offer some of the most exciting adventures on the open seas. The yellowfin tuna is an incredibly fast swimmer and is continually moving and darting through the seawater. Offering one of the best offshore fishing experiences, it is quite challenging to finally snag and bring aboard this amazing fish.

Catching Tuna In Venice Louisiana

Tuna often are caught traveling in large schools. These fish can often be viewed on, and just below, the surface of the water. Fishing boat captains often use a variety of fishing strategies that include chumming, top water fishing, live baiting, and kite fishing. Every person on board will have the opportunity to bring back three tuna, which is the Louisiana limit of a legal bag.

What Size Tuna You Can Expect To Catch in Venice, LA

The average weight of tuna caught in the waters off of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico is around 60 pounds. However, many are as large as 180 pounds and the largest tuna regularly top 200 pounds!