Winter Time Wahoo!

Venice Fishing Report – Fall
January 9, 2018

Most people come to Venice Louisiana in February for big Yellowfin tuna. As it is the month that most consistently produces some of the biggest fish of the year. Although it is also the best month for targeting wahoo. Not just good numbers of wahoo hitting the dock but also big fish. As we start getting a wether pattern of north winds and cold fronts the wahoo start showing up from the west.

Most wahoo are caught while trolling hard lures which is extremely effective. The waters off the cost Louisiana create a great habitat. With the oil platforms and structure in close relation to the continental shelf. The nutrient rich water flowing out of the Mississippi River and the abundance of bait. Venice is definitely a hot spot for big Wahoo.

Why are Wahoo a prized gamefish? They are excellent food quality. They have razor sharp teeth and they swim extremely fast. It is definitely exciting hearing the drag screaming as line is being dumped off a 50 wide. The initial run of a big wahoo is unmatched. Did I mention they taste real good.